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Hear Me OINK!!!
im a whore
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29th-Jun-2007 06:05 pm - Jason
your mom

look at you with your blackened eyes,

eyes that look but do not see

pig-like ears

ears that are just like mine cause i'm a pig

pork rinds are made from pigskin

skin thay touches but does not feel

that's why i threw you against the walls

i need to kill my son and rid him from this world

what has my pigface done to you?

29th-Jun-2007 05:59 pm - i love crystal meth
my mom

i love crystal meth

I'm smoking  it again.
going crazy again.
gonna puke again.
i wanna die again
my bowels all fucked up again.
my lies falling apart again.
everythings almost all gone again.
my meth is almost gone again.
my life seems almost gone again.
i should just kill myself

29th-Jun-2007 05:27 pm - pig's blood

Close her vagina and kick her head,
There all so tasty when theyre red                                                                 

 on her period,out with the blood.
Its thick and dark and lips like mud.
he's all stiff and you know she's tight.
Boys are you gonna have fun tonight.
as they watch i eat her out.
look in the miror i have a snout.
The world would hate you if they knew.
that u are a dyke and i am too.



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16th-May-2007 12:56 pm - a stupid poem i wrote

Baby Boy

in the sleepy eyes of my baby boy,
i see happyness i see joy.
sleep sound little love of mine,
tomarrow i will give you away
the sun will shine on your smiling face,
i'm so happy i'm a whore and got pregnant at 15.
worry not for i am here,
i'll be ready toget rid of you.
sweet little one,
if only u knew your life has just begun.
but i'd much rather do drugs and have sex with guys and girls
mommy will help u to grow and play, 
she will teach you to steal and lie
don't be sad but somday mommy will go away.
even though u can't see me i'm not gone,
your memory of me will go on and on.

kishtra pig

Copyright ©2007 Wasted Youth


29th-Apr-2007 12:24 pm - if you like fat slutty bi girls ...
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