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Hear Me OINK!!!
im a whore
29th-Jun-2007 06:05 pm
your mom

look at you with your blackened eyes,

eyes that look but do not see

pig-like ears

ears that are just like mine cause i'm a pig

pork rinds are made from pigskin

skin thay touches but does not feel

that's why i threw you against the walls

i need to kill my son and rid him from this world

what has my pigface done to you?

30th-Jul-2007 09:52 am (UTC)
You submitted a request to join virtualsex. I am the moderator, and I am denying your request because the birthdate listed in your profile is 09-07. Simply edit your profile, put up your real birthdate, and submit another request. If you do this, I will accept you.
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