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Hear Me OINK!!!
im a whore
a stupid poem i wrote 
16th-May-2007 12:56 pm

Baby Boy

in the sleepy eyes of my baby boy,
i see happyness i see joy.
sleep sound little love of mine,
tomarrow i will give you away
the sun will shine on your smiling face,
i'm so happy i'm a whore and got pregnant at 15.
worry not for i am here,
i'll be ready toget rid of you.
sweet little one,
if only u knew your life has just begun.
but i'd much rather do drugs and have sex with guys and girls
mommy will help u to grow and play, 
she will teach you to steal and lie
don't be sad but somday mommy will go away.
even though u can't see me i'm not gone,
your memory of me will go on and on.

kishtra pig

Copyright ©2007 Wasted Youth


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