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Hear Me OINK!!!

im a whore

7 September
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i am kishtra hear me oink!!!!I HAVE VERY LOW SELFESTEEM SO I PUT EVERY1 I KNOW DOWN ALL THE TIME. BECAUS I HAVE TO MAKE MYSELF FEeL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF. I WANT EVERY1'S LIFE TO SUCKAS MUCK AS MINE. I WANT EVRY1 TO BE AS UNHAPPY AS ME. I AM THE MOST PATHETIC PERSON IN THE WORLD. IAM STUCK IN A CHILDLIKE STATEAbout Me: i used to date boys.... but i recently became a lesbian because no men find me attractive. i like to lie and steal and smoke pot. i live with my mother because i can't keep a job. i tell people that i like to "travel" but i just keep going place to place with anyone (mainly underage girls that don't know me) and stay until they get sick of me and kick me out of their house. i am crazy,unstable....and a sociopath

i need someone to baby me,feed me and take care of me because i don't want to get a job. i also like people thata re easy to manipulate and control!!!

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